IEEE WCL Presentation Session

The authors of the IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (WCL) papers are invited to present their papers at IEEE ICC 2017, subject to space availability.     


The benefits of the WCL Paper Presentation Session include but not limited to  
  • give the opportunity to the authors of WCL papers to present their recent work at ICC 2017  
  • increase the visibility of new research results published at WCL in recent 12 months  
  • promote the research advance in the emerging field.     


WCL papers published or accepted for publications between January 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017 are eligible for presentation at ICC 2017.  


WCL papers will be presented in interactive sessions at ICC 2017.     

Submission of Requests  

Requests for presentation of WCL papers should be sent to  Wei Zhang (Email: on or before February 20, 2017, with email subject “ICC 2017 - WCL Presentation Requests”.  
Submission author must obtain the approval of all co-authors of the WCL paper before submitting the request to present the paper at ICC 2017. He/she must copy the submission email to all co-authors.  
Submission author must provide the following information:  
  1. WCL paper title  
  2. Complete author List, affiliations, and email addresses  
  3. Publication information (volume No., issue No., page number, date.). For papers which were recently accepted for publications and yet published, please provide a copy of Editor’s decision email.  
  4. DOI Number or URL to IEEE Xplore page     


WCL papers presented at ICC 2017 will neither be reviewed nor included in the ICC 2017 proceedings, because they were all peer-reviewed and/or published by the WCL.    

Notification Date  

The outcome of the requests will be notified before/on March 10, 2017.


At least one author of the approved WCL paper must register at the FULL or LIMITED rate, according to the ICC 2017 registration guideline.

Further Inquiry  

Please send any inquiries to  Wei Zhang (Email: