High technical quality papers will be solicited to be presented at the workshop. Of particular interests are the following non-exclusive list of principal topics:


TOPICS OF INTEREST - includes (contributions are not limited to the following):

• All organic based VLCs

• Channel modelling and characterisation

• Channel capacity analysis

• Diversity techniques for OWC

• Dimming, and data communications in VLCs

• FSO communication systems (indoor, outdoor and under water)

• FSO and VLC for IoT, wireless sensor networks, and big data centres

• Hybrid RF/OWC technology

• MIMO for OWC

• Modelling of various noises in optical wireless communications

• Modulation, coding and detection schemes

• Mobile-to-infrastructure and mobile-to-mobile optical communication

• Novel (photonic) devices and components OWC

• OWC and VLC networks: architecture, PHY/MAC design, cross-layer design etc.

• OWC applications in

    o device-to-device communications

    o e-Health, e-Commerce, etc.

    o intelligent transportation systems (e.g. vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-traffic communications, trains, planes, etc.)

    o inter and intra chip communications

    o Internet-of-Things

    o medical applications

    o next generation wireless networks

    o wireless sensor networks


• OWC transceiver design and optimization

• OWC duplexing and multiple access techniques

• OWC networking

• Radio over FSO/VLC

• Underwater OWC

• Ultraviolet communications

• VLC based localisation and sensing