Application for IEEE Communications Society - Child Care Assistance

The IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) is offering child care reimbursement of up to $300 per family to assist conference attendees who are IEEE ComSoc members and who will incur additional child care expenses by attending ICC.   Expenses must be documented by receipts.  Limited funds are available and preference will be given to applicants who are students, recent graduates, or new entrants to the communications field who are presenting at the conference. Up to ten recipients will be selected and need to fall into one of these categories:
Families where both parents are registered attendees at the conference
Parent (registered attendee) who brings child(ren) to the conference
Parent (registered attendee) who incurs additional expenses at home (above their normal child-care expenses) while attending the conference

Application & Deadline:

  • The deadline for applying for a child care grant is 10 April, 2017. Notifications to recipients will be sent no later than 20 April, 2017.
 Reimbursement procedure
  • Recipients of a childcare grant must submit receipts for reimbursable expenses (for example, an invoice submitted by the child care provider)
  • Reimbursements will be distributed after the conference, after receipt of documentation.
  • Reimbursement forms will be distributed to recipients at the IEEE ComSoc booth
  • All applicable federal and state taxes will be collected at a rate of 28%, however, the grant monies will be grossed-up to allow for these taxes.
On the IEEE Expense Report form, please fill in:
For Period Ending
IEEE Member number (if applicable)
Your child care expenses
Please include receipts and/or other documentation detailing your child care expenses (providers must include his/her tax id number or Social Security number).
Return completed form no later than 31 May by email to:
Bruce Worthman

(if applicable)